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Welcome to – the future home of the internet’s best golf betting system.  This website is going to be run by two of us (Kevin and Steve) and will feature a one of a kind betting system for PGA golf that gives out winning picks or predictions for upcoming tournaments.

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UPDATE: GOLF BETTING SYSTEM RELEASED FOR PUBLIC TESTING. Just enter your email above and you will be signed up for the sports betting system (Steve will email you more details.) Enjoy!

We are nearly complete putting together the system, and are just making sure that the golf system continues to produce the excellent results we’ve been seeing so far before we release it to you.

Minor tweaks is all the system needs so you shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

You might be wondering what kind of factors go into a golf betting system, and if we are going to release the actual formula for the system.  Of course we will not share the exact formula for the golf betting system, but we will provide you with the picks it produces each week.

The different factors that go into a betting system include recent results the golfer has had, tournament wins on the year, world ranking, past performances on the tournament course, driving accuracy and distance, putting stats, greens in regulation, and to what degree the course matches the golfers strong points and disadvantages him for his weak points of his game.  There are other factors that go into the betting system and a lot of numbers – it is quite complicated.

Oh, I should mention that the system is of course for betting – so we always compare the system ratings to the betting odds given to decide if the play is strong.  We have a completely different system for that too.

So how will our golf betting system work?

Once we have compiled the data and plugged in all the numbers (usually takes a full day) we will have the golfers system ratings for the upcoming tournament.  We will then plug that in with the other system that looks at the betting odds and compares the two, giving us a rating of how strong the play is (this only takes us a few hours).  By this time we have our top 6 plays and will release all 6 plays on most cases (in rare cases the betting system won’t have 6 strong enough plays – but that almost never happens).

We haven’t figured out how we will release the golf picks – but you can count on them either being posted here or emailed out to you for free.

Which golf tournaments will your system cover?

We focus primarily on PGA and won’t be able to do any of the European golf unless we can hire a golf handicapper from Europe to help us with that.  We will cover every PGA event which, of course, includes the golf majors: 2011 Masters, 2011 US Open Championship, The Open Championship, and the 2011 PGA Championship.

Does the system have past results you can share?

Last year the golf betting system tripled our investment our basically gave us a 300% ROI over the golf year.  Prior to that we had just been messing around with it and didn’t have a complete and strict system down yet.  We have been winning money betting on golf consistently for upwards to 5 or 6 years now.

Betting against the spread in football for example is almost always a coin flip, but golf is a different story.  You are betting from a field of golfers and you will often see golfers with 50/1 odds win.  Cashing in on one of these big scores every couple tournaments puts money in the bank.

Our system finds betting odds that shouldn’t be given to certain golfers and we take advantage of that.  I can’t wait until we release the golf betting system sometime early in 2011 – Check back soon.


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